Sunday, December 5, 2010

100 Subbie Giveaway!! (OPEN)

Hello everyone!! :) 

So I've reached 100 Subbies!! And for a special treat, I thought I would do TWO winners!!
ONE from the Video responses from the contest video
ONE from my blog!!! :)

That way, everyone is happy!! :)

So here are the RULES for BLOG ENTRIES:

1.) Must be FOLLOWING my blog!!

2.) In a comment for this post, tell me what your top 3 favorite Lush products are AND WHY!!

3.) You can enter as many times as you want AS LONG AS they are DIFFERENT reasons every time!!

4.) This blog giveaway will be open until MIDNIGHT on Thursday, December 30th, 2010!

5.) This blog giveaway is open to the world!!

Each winner will be picking:

1 Bubble bar: 
-Dorothy (left) a WONDERFUL herbal (figs & leaves scent) bubble bar!! The color of the water is a gorgeous vibrant blue!!

 -The Bearded Lady (right) an adorable bubble bar!! Made with fresh bananas, tiny pieces of King of Skin (very moisturizing!) and has a slight orange scent too!

1 Shower Jelly:
-Calacas (left) a grape-lime scented shower jelly!! Smells like jelly babies and also has a lovely scent close to candy or life savers!!
-Iced Wine (right) a divine fruity smelling shower jelly!! (limited edition!! Only for the 2010 Christmas line) it has a gorgeous deep wine color!! And smells sugary sweet!

1 Small bath bomb:
-So White (left) a beautiful white bath bomb that has the scent of fresh granny smith apples!! Yummy!!

-Cinders (right) a gorgeous bright orange spicy sweet bath bomb!! This little bath bombs delivers!! It even has pop rocks that lives up to it's name (cinders) it smells like a spicy gingerbread latte!!

1 Large bath bomb:
-Calavera (left) a beautifully crafted bath bomb!! This was a limited edition item! (Only for the Halloween line) it smells JUST like the calacas shower jelly!! It's lime & grape scented!! Also there is a beautiful range of colors it adds to your bath!!

-Fizzbanger (right) this lovely little firecracker is always a crowd pleaser!! It smells just like cinnamon and apples!! It's a slow fizzer, because of the bubble bar shavings in the outer yellow layer!! It's so fun to watch dissolve in your tub!! Also, if you watch closely, there's a surprise in the middle!! BANG!!

1 Soap:
-Rockstar soap (both) this wonderful candy fluff smelling soap is so creamy with a rich lather, it will have you begging for more!!

Have fun with this contest and get creative!! :)

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

100 Subbies?!

Hello Everyone!!

I just wanted to do a quick update to let all of you know that I am SOOOO thankful for the one-hundred subscribers!! :) It really means a lot to me!!

Also, lately, I've been cramming for finals and also work is starting to become very hectic and busy. I haven't had a lot of free time lately for videos or even blog updates! 

However, I am going to be filming a 100 Subscriber Giveaway sometime later this week!! :)

I also thought I would have a blog giveaway too! :)

But be on the lookout for those! :)

This was just a quick update letting you guys know I'm still alive!! :)


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

HUGE Haul, Giveaway && Bath Cocktail!!

Hello Everyone!! :) 


If you didn't get to see my HUGE LUSH HAUL && Giveaway video, then click

Here are the rules for the Giveaway:



1.) You MUST be a subscriber!!

2.) You MUST be a loyal subscriber!

(This means I need to know that you watch my videos, comment && request frequently!! Even if you don’t win, LOYAL subscribers have a bigger chance at winning anyways!!)

3.) In a comment below, tell me your favorite product MUST be one mentioned in my haul of one of the offered giveaway prizes!! && tell me why it’s your faveeee!! (HINT: BE CREATIVE!!)


4.)  You may enter as many times as you want (It’s better if each comment has a DIFFERENT REASON WHY ITS YOUR FAVEEE)

5.) CONTEST ENDS: WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 24th 2010 @ 12 A.M. Eastern Central Time!!


7.) A winner will be chosen based on the comments!! (It will be chosen the following week after the contest ENDS)


Anyways, I wanted to also share with you a Bath Cocktail!! :)

I call this one: Spicy Caramel Latte!
The products used:
-1/2 of a Honey Bee bath bomb
-1 Cinders bath bomb
-1/2 of a Gingerbread house bubble bar
-1/4 of a floating island bath melt
-Once a year massage bar

Okay, I can not get over how many BUBBLES HALF of the gingerbread house bubble bar made!! :) AMAZINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!! :)

This cocktail makes your bath smell like a spicy caramel latte!! (mmm tasty!!) The honey bee's toffee and caramel scent balanced perfectly with the cinder's and gingerbread house's spice factor!! :)
The floating island also added EXTRA softness to the water!! :) yummy!!

Here are pics of the water:

Anyways, I'm going to be busy the rest of this week--good thing I have videos ready to be uploaded!!

Have a great rest of the week!! 

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Mini Lush Haul! :)

Hey everyone!! :) Soooo--
I did my first little Lush Haul today :)
 Even though it wasn't all that much, I had fun :)
Tomorrow will be THE HAUL to watch though!! :) stay tuned!!
Also, a surprise to kick off my new channel too? ;) we'll see!

 Here are the products mentioned:
 This is the Happy blooming bath melt!
Smells to me like Cherry Chapstick with a
slight "plasticy" scent, but a great bath melt!
So white bath bomb!! :) a slow fizzing,
fresh granny smith apple smelling bath bomb!!
Yum!! :)
 Cinders bath bomb! Has a spicy//sweet smell
to it! :) reminds me of cinnamon/allspice mixed
with a slight hint of butterball!! Tasty!! :)
 Vanilla fountain bath bomb! The smell reminds
me of toffee && sweet vanilla cake!! :) Yummy!!
It's almost good enough to eat?!
 Calavera (limited edition) Halloween bath bomb.
New for the Halloween 2010 line :)
Smells like jelly beans, candy, and life saver gummies
 Space girl!! Even though this smelled like Rock star
soap (since it WAS sitting next to a huge chunk in
the Out of this world gift set, it should smell like
sweet berries)
 The tag for the out of this world gift set :)
And what's included :)

If you'd like to see the video, simply check the left hand side of my blog!! :) It directly links you to it!!

Have a great day everyone!!
Insomnia hits again--which is why I pumped out two videos tonight instead of just one :P


Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sugar && Spice Lush Cocktail!!

Hello everyone~!! :)

Today I was inspired to make a Lush Cocktail using some of the  
2010 Lush Christmas products!!

This cocktail has a hint of spice, and a hint of sweet in it! :) perfect to fight the cold fall/winter days!

Here are the products I used:

So white bath bomb (on left)
Cinders bath bomb (on right)

The so white gives a fresh apple scent that mixes perfectly with the spicy cinders bath bomb! :) they smell marvelous together!

Pop in the bath bubble bar (on left)
Candy Cane bubble bar (on right)

Next I decided to add a slight hint of citrus by using a piece of Pop in the bath! (on left). Also, to add the sweetness to the cocktail name, I decided to use a piece of the Candy Cane bubble bar (on right) YUM!

Floating Island Bath melt (I'm holding it)

This is the perfect match for a Christmas-y bath cocktail! :) It smells like vanilla sugar, and like baked sugar cookies! :) this will ensure that my bath is super duper soft and moisturizing on my skin!

Once a Year massage bar (in metal tin)

This massage bar smells sweet, and boozy! :) I decided to use this as my moisturizing factor after my bath! It's so cute && smells amazing!!

I will be updating this entry with bath pictures of the products in action!!

Take care && have a great day!!


Saturday, November 6, 2010

My Very FIRST Video!! :)

Hello everyone! :) I just finished uploading my very first LUSH video! :)
I have a few of the Lush Christmas 2010 Products featured in it! :)

Here are the products mentioned:
-So White Bath Bomb
-Lil' Lush Pud Bath Bomb
-Cinders Bath Bomb
-Magic Bath Bomb
-Satsumo Santa Bath Bomb
-Candy Cane Bubble Bar Bath Bomb
-Bearded Lady Bubble Bar
-Christmas Eve Bubble Bar
-Snowglobe Soap
-Snowcake Soap

Here are pictures & a short description of each product!! :) Enjoy!

This is So White! :) One of the YUMMIEST SMELLING BATH BOMBS! :) It smells like FRESH granny smith apples! Inspired by Snow White, it's pure white! :) It leaves a frothy top to your bath just like snow! :)

This is Lil' Lush Pud! It smells JUST like smitten hand cream & SNOWCAKE!! :) It has a smell like marzipan and vanilla mixed into one yummy scent! I love the

This is Cinders! A spicy scented bath bomb! :) It smells like a mixture of butterball (vanilla scent) and spiced cinnamon! I love the smell of this one! :) it also has tiny red candies that will crackle in your bath! CUTE! cute sugar holly on the top!

This is the Magic bath bomb! :) it's a tad minty and has the smell of world peace. (it's a retro item!)
Don't forget that gorgeous blue color! :)

This is satsumo santa! :) a big beautiful red and white bath bomb! It smells like all things citrus! :) a sweet smelling citrus though! It turns the bath water a jolly red color!

This is Candy Cane bubble bar! :) smells JUST LIKE candy fluff :) a sweet pink smelling bubble bar! :)

This is the bearded lady! :) it's a lovely fresh banana smelling bubble bar! A very moisturizing bubble bar too, there are small flecks of King of Skin (a body butter) in the beard! :)

This is the Christmas Eve Bubble bar!
Smells like Dorothy's herbal sister!

 Next is SnowGlobe! :) it smells JUST LIKE lemony flutter cuticle butter! :) mmm
 Finally, there is Snowcake a marzipan scented soap! VERY creamy & moisturizing! :)