Sunday, December 5, 2010

100 Subbie Giveaway!! (OPEN)

Hello everyone!! :) 

So I've reached 100 Subbies!! And for a special treat, I thought I would do TWO winners!!
ONE from the Video responses from the contest video
ONE from my blog!!! :)

That way, everyone is happy!! :)

So here are the RULES for BLOG ENTRIES:

1.) Must be FOLLOWING my blog!!

2.) In a comment for this post, tell me what your top 3 favorite Lush products are AND WHY!!

3.) You can enter as many times as you want AS LONG AS they are DIFFERENT reasons every time!!

4.) This blog giveaway will be open until MIDNIGHT on Thursday, December 30th, 2010!

5.) This blog giveaway is open to the world!!

Each winner will be picking:

1 Bubble bar: 
-Dorothy (left) a WONDERFUL herbal (figs & leaves scent) bubble bar!! The color of the water is a gorgeous vibrant blue!!

 -The Bearded Lady (right) an adorable bubble bar!! Made with fresh bananas, tiny pieces of King of Skin (very moisturizing!) and has a slight orange scent too!

1 Shower Jelly:
-Calacas (left) a grape-lime scented shower jelly!! Smells like jelly babies and also has a lovely scent close to candy or life savers!!
-Iced Wine (right) a divine fruity smelling shower jelly!! (limited edition!! Only for the 2010 Christmas line) it has a gorgeous deep wine color!! And smells sugary sweet!

1 Small bath bomb:
-So White (left) a beautiful white bath bomb that has the scent of fresh granny smith apples!! Yummy!!

-Cinders (right) a gorgeous bright orange spicy sweet bath bomb!! This little bath bombs delivers!! It even has pop rocks that lives up to it's name (cinders) it smells like a spicy gingerbread latte!!

1 Large bath bomb:
-Calavera (left) a beautifully crafted bath bomb!! This was a limited edition item! (Only for the Halloween line) it smells JUST like the calacas shower jelly!! It's lime & grape scented!! Also there is a beautiful range of colors it adds to your bath!!

-Fizzbanger (right) this lovely little firecracker is always a crowd pleaser!! It smells just like cinnamon and apples!! It's a slow fizzer, because of the bubble bar shavings in the outer yellow layer!! It's so fun to watch dissolve in your tub!! Also, if you watch closely, there's a surprise in the middle!! BANG!!

1 Soap:
-Rockstar soap (both) this wonderful candy fluff smelling soap is so creamy with a rich lather, it will have you begging for more!!

Have fun with this contest and get creative!! :)


  1. Awesome giveaway! Congrats on 100 subbies!! :) My first favorite Lush product is the Candy Cane bubble bar because it smells really girly and candyish and I love eating candy too XD My second favourite is the Snow White bath bomb because it smells like APPLES and I am a very fruity person and apples are my all time FAVOURITE SCENT!!! My third favourite is the Vanilla fountain Bath Bomb because you can't go wrong with toffee and vanilla cake and since I love candy smells, you got to know I love anything that smells like baked goods :)

  2. I've only known about Lush since April and have only been using the products since July and have only tried a few but here are my favourites so far!
    My top three favourite LUSH Items:

    1. Mange Too - Bought on my second trip to Lush. Mmmm.. smells delicious on my skin! I've gotten many compliments. It leaves me smelling like fresh baked cookies and white chocolate and I can never stop sniffing my arms. It smells weird to me if I just sniff the bar but on me, YUM! Especially if it's layered with Vanilla Puff!

    2. Twilight - LOVE! My cousin got it for me for my birthday. The water is this cool purple and the sparkles make it look like a night sky. I love the sweet, lavender smell. It's like something I'd drink on a winter's day before bed.

    3. Comforter - This and Butterball made up my first Lush purchase. It smells divine! Sweet and fruity, it turns the bath a nice pink. I love that I can get so many uses from it. It got me hooked on Lush. Now, I find myself frequently craving a Comforter bath, too bad I can only get to Lush once every month or two. I have a feeling it will be a scent that I will always return to.

    Darn! I've only tried a few products and it's already hard to decide! Might have to make another post.. =)

  3. I've only started with lush a few months ago but already love it sooo much! My current favorites from what I've tried are Twilight bath bomb, the Dragon's Egg bath bomb and the Christmas Eve Bubble bar. OMG I looove the smell and deliciousness! Love taking baths using lush! Amazing products!

    Hope I win because I can't wait to try more things :)

  4. Honey I washed the kids, because it smells simply delicious. i bought a chunk from lush in hong kong and haven't used it yet, but i love this product because of the smell. i'm afraid that when i use it all up, i won't be able to get a new chunk soon since there's not a single lush store in thailand. sad, i know.

    I really really like the mange too massage bar because it smells like white chocolate and honey. BEST COMBINATION EVER!
    and also because the size of the product is a lot bigger compared to other massage bars.

    lastly i love the porridge soap. and again, what i love about it is the smell. it's freaking awesome. i haven't actually used this one yet either and my christmas wish is to have a lush store in thailand because i'll go there every single day. haha

    i got into lush because of youtube videos. and when i saw your channel i was like "OH MY GOD, A CHANNEL DEDICATED TO ONLY LUSH? I'M TOTALLY SUBSCRIBING"
    i think lush is so much fun and creative. they come up with the most awesome products everrrrrr!

  5. i'm still not done with my lush faves though haha
    okay, i also like the honey i washed the kids solid perfume and even though it doesn't exactly smell like the soap, i still love it. it's like heaven in a little container. man, that's cheesy. i got so many compliements when i'm wearing it so yeah.

    another product from lush that i like is their sexy peel soap. i think it's great in the kitchen after to you want to get rid of the unwanted smell. love the citrusy lemony smell.

    anddddd i LOVEE ma bar because it smells like chocolate and vanilla. it's so moisturizing and it made tons of bubbles. i like bubbles.

    it would literally mean the world to me if i won this contest because it's sooooo super hard to get my hands on lush products here in thailand. i really wanna try the cinders bath bomb since i've heard a ton of good reviews about it. (:

  6. I love lush, so so so so so so so SOOOO much!
    ONe of my favorite products has to be Cinders Bath bomb! It smells AMAZING!(: And the scent ligers on my skin after i use it! It smells exactly how christmas would smell to me.
    another one has to be the bearded lady! I love it because it is so moisturizing! and im sorotf obsessed with the scent!(:
    and finally i love the comforter bubble bar! Mostly because of its size and how many uses uou can get out of it! ITs great!

    I would so so love to win this contest because the lush near me doesnt sell those products and i would love to try them out! I love your videos


  7. 3 Of my favourite Lush products are:

    1. Vanilla Fountain Bath Bomb: I love Vanilla scents and find the oils to be soothing on my skin.

    2. Each Peach Massage Bar: The scent on this is amazing. Feels very warm and comforting on the skin.

    3. Comforter Bubble Bar: This fills my bath with a fantastic scent and the bubbles are amazing! I love a great bubble bath with this, and it's huge!

  8. 1) Honey I Washed the Kids - Love the smell of honey and toffee togther! Everythime I use this, I feel so great!
    2)Vanilla Fountain Bath Bomb - I'm a huge fan of vanilla and this one is so soothing on my skin!
    3)Porridge Soap - This smells amazing! There's nothing else to say XD

  9. 1- I am a new follower on your blog (but I have been subbed to your videos ;] )
    via GFC : theVEROblog


    Twilight Bath Bomb - this smells awesome!! It is so soothing and not overpowering

    Comforter Bubble Bar - I find it to be very moistiorizing and it smells amazing.

    Cinders- Even though it is small in size, it packs a great punch and makes the bath water very soft.

  10. I'm totally a sucker for the rockstar soap. and the thing is that i love anything that is candy scented. and the rockstar soap totally serves that purpose so that's why i love it so much.

    I haven't actually tried the ocean salt scrub yet, but i know it is going to be my favorite, i just know it. this is because i saw like 10000 reviews on them and none of the reviews said that the product was bad. plus, the ingredients are just awesome - lime, vodka, ocean salt. can't wait till i go to a lush store.
    i love the heavanilli massage bar, simply because it smells like vanilla. enough said.

  11. 1.) honey i washed the kids soap -- i watched lush reviews on youtube and everybody recommended this soap. and they were right, it smells like toffee and honey. YUMMMM! it smells simply delicious.

    2.) ma bar -- the chocolate smell is to die for. the smell isn't too strong when it's dissolved in the tub and made tons of bubbles.

    3.)Porridge soap -- sometimes i watch reviews on youtube on lush and people usually say that they can't describe the scent. i didn't know why until i actually went to a lush store in hong kong for the first time. the smell of the porridge soap is simply indescribable. most people say that it smells like oatmeal, and i think it does but much better though.


  12. Sweet Lips - lip scrub
    Smells delicious, chocolate and vanilla. It makes my lips really soft and you can lick it off your lips when you're done because it's edible! the word edible totally made me wanna buy like 10 of this products. haha

    the glitter bug
    i love it just because it made my skin sparkles. awesome for parties (:me likeyyyyyy

    9 to 5 cleanser
    although i'm not a huge fan of the orchid smell, i love how this product makes my skin really really soft after i use it. it's awesome for my skin cause it's so sensitive and moisturizing. ANDD it takes off all my make up. i love it!!

  13. Mask of Magnaminty
    Smells like peppermint gum with a hint of chocolate chip ( oh yumm) and it leaves my skin incredibly soft! like SUPER SUPER SOFT

    Lady Catrina - Soap
    It's a pretty and purple soap that smells really fruity and super fresh. It's my favorite of all of their soaps, so I need to stock up before it's gone! but then again, i live in thailand so i still don't know when i'm gonna get my hands on lush products again. *sigh*

    Maple Taffy - Lip Balm
    Super moisturizing lip balm! It's a little bit too sweet for my taste (like real maple syrup!), but it grew on me. Especially since it works so well.

  14. My three are:
    1. Honey I washed the kids- it a scent you can use all year and always make you feel sexy!

    2.Honey bee bath bomb- Why else i love the scent!

    3.Snowcakes soap- just got it and absolutely adore it!!! The smell and the feel is amazing!

  15. My three are :

    1) the comforter - this is an all round crowd pleaser for everyone. smeels divine like blackberries and cream to me very sweet but not sickly at all :) I split it into three and even that is too many bubbles the smell lingers for awhile which i love , a definite one to try if you havent already.

    2)Soft Coeur Massage Bar- a soothing massage bar which will suti everyone as it smeels of vanilla and chocolater - quite a neutral scent and isnt to heavy. Apllies like butter is a dream as it absorbs into the skin beautifully without leaving sticky residue so great for wuick soothing of the skin.Another all rounder - no-one will dislkike this one as it is very soft but doesnt mean it isnt great because it is mighty in every single way!

    3) Honey i washed the kids soap- going to sound very common here but theres no wonder why everyone loves this one so much as it has an original honey scent again very natural, if you love this you will love soft coeur! Great one for all of the family and leaves the skin smelling amazing and so soft!

    Eloise xoxo

  16. Congrats on your 100 subscriptions! My favorite products from Lush are soaps, bath bombs, and bubble bars! My favorite soap is Karma because I love how patchouli smells and the color is super pretty. My favorite bathbomb is Butterball because it's so moisturizing...I literally feel like I bathed in a tub full of lotion! And my favorite bubble bar is the Comforter! It smells so good and I love how large it is and that it turns the tub water bright pink =)

  17. My three are:

    1) Sugar Pie : It is so glittery and gorgeous and you can use it on your body AND hair, a definite must have for this season for parties etc.
    2) Think Pink Bath Ballistic: Explodes with little heart shaped confetti all around my bath and turn the water bright pink, its smells so nice aswell
    3) Honey I washed the kids: It smells absolutley amazing and I can use it on my face because its great for sensitive skin!

  18. Helloo!

    Congratulations on your 100 subscribers!! Yay!! Hopefully with this giveaway you'll get more! Okay So Ive only tried one thing from lush : / because the nearest store from here is four hours away, and I'm not twenty one so I cant get a credit card Lol So I have to borrow My mom's and she's not to keen on that one lol.

    But the one I have tried and absolutely fell in Love with his "honey I washed the kids" I tried it because I'm obsessed with watching lush hauls and lush bath cocktails on youtube, and everybody Likes that one so I thought it was a safe bet That I would to. And I did!! The honey comb on top is just to cute!

    Alrighty I'll let you get back to the other comments!! bye!


  19. I would love if i wont this!
    I love buffy! it makes my skin so so so soft!!! Alot of people say its way to abrasive(SP) but i love it!
    I also love honey i washed the kids! It smells amazing and lathers really well!
    I love the bon bon lip scrub as well. Everytime i use it my lips are so soft and it tastes greAT too!(:
    You have the best videos ever!

  20. 1.twilight bath bomb= BEST SMELL EVER INVENTED!<3
    2. Porridge- great exfoliate and smells good!
    3.angels delight! It lathers great!
    I would love to win this contest!!

  21. 1. king of skin is amazing! so moisturizing!
    2. gingerbread house bubble bar! Cutest thing ive ever seen!
    3. Big shampoo! It works wonders!

  22. I love honey i washed the kids because it has an amazing smell it makes great bubbles and is soo creamy!!
    I also love Dream cream it is great it got rid of my eczema its great!!
    But my favorite product is Twilight bath bomb it turns my water a beautiful purple and it maakes my water soo moisturizing it makes me sparkle like the night sky i love it!!

  23. Congrats on the 100 subbies :)!
    the three lush items that i really like are:

    Mange Too-I tried Mange Too because of a friend. I wasn't too into LUSH massage bars but when I tried Mange Too I was blown away. It felt so soft and creamy on my skin. I used it a couple of times on my legs but I love using it on my hands when I'm done washing them. The scent is very lovely too. Smells more like honey to me than white chocolate and mint.

    Honey I Washed the Kids- Oh my, this soap is lovely. I love Honey I Washed the Kids! The scent is so yummy and sweet. I love when my shower steams up and I can smell it all around me even on my skin when I wash off.

    Bohemian Soap- I tried a piece of Bohemian soap from the same friend that let me have a piece of MAnge Too. I loved the lemon burst I get when I rub the soap into my loofa. Heavenly! The scent makes me enjoy a nice shower on a sunny morning.

    I really enjoy watching your videos. I love your reviews and cocktails. I'm not much of a bath person but you're vids are influencing me to start taking at least one a week :).

    Stay Blessed!'

  24. 1. Honey Hugs Shower Gel - I love the scent of HIWTK but I hate using bar soap. Wish this was permanent though, I've only found it twice in like 4 years : (

    2. Cupcake Fresh Face Mask - one of the only masks I've ever used to consistently removes blackheads

    3. Glogg Shower Gel - yet another LE item. I was surprised I like this so much since I normally am not a fan of strong cinnamon, spicy scents, but it's the perfect thing for a shower on a cold winter morning

  25. 1. Big Blue Bath Bomb - Ocean scents are calming and relaxing.

    2. Sakura Bath Bomb - They are my favorite tree.

    3. Kiss Me Klimt - I want to shimmer.


  26. 1) Honey I Washed the Kids Soap - This was so yummy smelling and I love how it feels on my skin!
    2)Big Blue Bath Bomb - This is such a calming scent to me! I use this when I need to de-stress :)
    3) Twilight bath bomb - It turns the water purple and makes me sparkle....what else do I need to say XD

  27. 1. Twilight bomb-I love this one because I love the sparkles in it and I like how it is really creamy.
    The smell is really good. And I love the purple water.
    2. Christmas Eve Bubble Bar-I Like the sparkles and the water turns a really nice color. The scent is really good and it stays on my skin.
    3.Fizzbanger- I love the apple cinnamon scent. Its really cool when you put it into the water

  28. 1. snowcake soap because it has a very clean feeling and it smells great!

    2.blackberry bath bomb because its very fun and i love when it fizzes a away and the litttle now that comes out of it

    3.i love think pink because it turns my water all pretty and pink and my favourite smell is vanilla!!

  29. 1. candy cane bubble bar! Smells Great!
    2. Blackberry/blueberry bath bomb! I love the paper that comes out!
    3. cocoa lotion! makes my skin soo soft!


  30. My top Lush products are:
    The Ocean Salt exfoliator because it leaves your skin super soft and I love mixing the salt and wash together when I first get it!
    The Henna dye! I've tried three of them and also tried mixing in other natural ingredients to enhance the color and it worked so good and actually left my hair SO soft!
    Lastly, I love any of the bath bombs. I had never tried them and as soon as I did I couldn't get enough I love baths so much now : )

  31. Congrats to your 100 subbies :)
    I only have used one lush product and it was from mothers day. I dont remember the name but it was shaped like a flower and smelled delish. I loved it :)

  32. 1. butterball. SO moistcurizing!
    2. honey bee! smeells just like honey i washed the kids<3<3<3<3
    3. keep it fluffly! love the scent!

  33. peel, love the citrus scent
    2. summer pudding! lathers great!
    3. gingerman soap, i love ginger!!

  34. 1. sugar scrub, exfoliates great! skin so soft!
    2. up you gets, wakes me up in the morining!
    3. iced wine, in love with the smells.



  36. I find Vanishing Cream the best for me, but I have combination skin. I would certainly recommend it.

    I just received my first LUSH package ever yesterday! Now I'm absolutely in love with the olive branch shower gel. I'm so ready to order more! haha! I adore the smell! Not only does it have a gorgeous scent but because of the olive oil it makes your skin so soft. This is one of the only shower gels that I have tried that has actually had lasting effects on my skin.

    lastly honey i washed the kids soap. The smell is quite honestly mouth watering. It smells almost good enough to eat! I would describe it as very sweet smelling honey. This is my favourite soap evvverrrr without a doubt.

  37. 1.) the karma bubble bar. it's possibly the most relaxing smell that I have ever come across. but i say that to almost eveery lush products. hahaha In my odd way of describing the smell it's slightly musky/sweet/relaxing. Yes it really is gorgeous.

    2.) twilight ballistic. i think that's what it's called. it's the perfect bath bomb for night time baths before i head off to bed as it has lavender in which makes you extra sleepy.

    3.) dragon egg ballistic. it smells just like lemon sherberts, so more of a sweet creamy lemon scent than a sharp scent. It starts off it's life very normal and froths up a white lather and gives off coloured bits of confetti. and then a biggg surprise which i loooveee. LOVE LUSH!!! SO SO SO MUCHHHH

  38. Dorothy - Nice and relaxing smelling but quite fresh too. Can't be more bummed that this product's discontinued. it's so prretttyyy

    icky baby bot - it smells like lavender but not too strong which is love. super strong scent tends to give me a headache. it's said to be the best one for at night, before you hop off to bed.

    honey trap lip balm - though i'm not a big fan of the smell, i love how it's suuperrr moisturizing and soothing on my lips.

  39. satsuma bath bomb - I personally really like the scent as it is very fresh but Christmassy at the same time. It turns the bath bright red but it does fizz away a bit too quickly. but the satsuma scent is pretty awesome.

    cupcake biomask - reminds me of the scent of after eights, minty/chocolateyy. It applies very easily and is so refreshing if you have kept it in the fridge.

    Almond & Coconut Shower Smoothie is literally one of the nicest things I have ever smelt, and makes my skin lovely and soft. like super super soft. no kidding

  40. 1) Snowcake Soap - Its a really fresh smelling soap and its a staple of mine!
    2) Satsuma Bath Bomb - Its so holiday with the smell and the way it turns the water red! It will be awesome to use during Christmas time!
    3) Karma Bubble Bar - Really sweet smelling at the same time musky! I just really like it for that reason :)

  41. snow cake soap is one of my faves since its smell is just so awesome. it's not too overwhelming and overpowering like some soaps are. it's also really really creamy which makes my skin very moisturizing.

    lady catarna soap is another one of me faves cause it's just so pretty. the color just attracted my eyes when i went to the store in Hong Kong. it smells great too!

    vanilla fountain. I LOVE LOVE LOVE anything that smells like vanilla and vanilla fountain totally serves that. love its design (the vanilla stick on top)

  42. My favourite Lush Products are The Comforter Bubble Bar, Satsumo Santa and SnowCake soap. As they are the only products I have tried.:)
    If I won this I think I will have a different top 3!

  43. Congrats on the subs!

    1. Honey Hugs Shower Gel - the name is just too cute
    2. Cupcake Fresh Face Mask - who wouldn't want to rub something that smells like chocolate all over their face?
    3. Glogg Shower Gel - is the perfect spicy pick me up in the morning

  44. Soo many Lush products to choose from but I think my favourite three right now would be Lil Lush Pud, Gingerbread House Bubble Bar and the Snow Fairy Lip Tint just because they are all so cute for Christmas !!

  45. creamy candy was one of the first lush bubble bars that i've tried and i still love it sooo sooo much. to me, it smells like the rock star soap. i put my other one in the closet and it makes me clothes smell just like it. <3

    soft coeur just smells absolutely yummy and to me it doesn't smell like chocolate (even though there's a chocolate inside it). it's super moisturizing which i LOVEEE

    the god mother soap has an absolutely gorgeous soap. it might even be more awesome than rock star?
    i don't know. too hard to decide. haha

  46. i never been to lush,but if i ever went lush i would probalby love to try out the rockstar soap so white bathbomb and candycane bubble bar

  47. i never ever been to lush,but i always wanted to go i would kill to go to lush or even try out lush products i have no lush any where near me at all so i hope i win to atleast try out some lush products :)

  48. i haven't tried the boogg yet but i heard that it has many many colors and surprises so i can't wait to try that. it's inspired by the swedish tradition which i think is super cute and thoughtful.

    i love the snow fairy lip tint because it smells freaking awesome. and even though it's not really tinted, it smells like snow fairy but not too empowering.

    i LOVE THE CINDERS BATH BOMB because it's pretty, it crackles and it smells spicy and warm. when i bought it, i didn't know it was gonna crackle so that was a surprise. DEFINITELY ONE OF MY FAVES

  49. 1. Honey Hugs Shower Gel - it's just such a lovely, not too sweet honey smell. I have yet to find another shower gel that comes close on smell.

    2. Cupcake Fresh Face Mask - I love that this as mainly natural ingredients and is still so effective. Most masks contain a lot of chemicals but this does and equal if not better job then those.

    3. Glogg Shower Gel - This smells like melted Red Hots to me, so I basically get to shower in candy when I use this. It's great!

  50. I would love to try the big shampoo, everyone says its amazing!
    i love the dreamtime bathmelt! it smells amazing
    and cinders! love the pop rockS!

  51. Blackberry smells deliciously fruity like blackcurrant which i absolutely love! it's really comforting and nice

    i really really love the big blue bath bomb. the smell was still on me after i took the bathIt was so relaxing that I even had a great nights sleep. I'm definitely gonna order another one of these bad boys.

    i also really like butterball The smell wasn't very strong and smelled faintly of confectioners sugar and vanilla. It turned the bath milky which moisturized my skin so well.

  52. Im still Kinda New to Lush but I would say my 3 Favorite things would be:

    1. Honey I washed the Kids Soap because I love the way it smells!! I like Honey Smells.

    2. Rockstar Soap because I love sweet candy smells.


    3. Would have to be the Sex Bomb because it turns my water such a pretty pink color and the smell OMGosh!!! The Rose in it is also a cute!!!

  53. 1) ginger bread house beacuse i love the smell of ginger and it really warms me up in the winter
    2)The Comforter because it competes my day and i love the smell. also it last me for atleast 5 baths
    3)Candy Cane Bubble Bar just can't last christmas without one of them.i like it because i really like candy canes and bathing in it feels sooo good!!!!

  54. 1.twilight bath bomb- best smeell ever
    2. rockstarsoap-lathers good
    3. bon bon lip scrub- tastes and work amazingly!


  55. i totally forgot about the butterball bath bomb. it's so moisturizing and i love how the smell isn't too overpowering like some bath bombs. and when i make lush bath cocktails, the butterball goes with anything which is absolutely awesome.

    i absolutely love the sultana of soap because it's so pretty and best of all it has a fruity AND creamy scent. it's like the best of both worlds. haha

    the candy fluff dusting powder smells absolutely gorgeous like rock star. well, to me it smells like rock star. in thailand when it's hot in the summer (well, almost every time of the year) this product is really great.

  56. 1. Honey Hugs Shower Gel - by far my favorite "honey" scent

    2. Cupcake Fresh Face Mask - no matter how many other face masks I try, even other Lush ones, I ALWAYS come back to this one.

    3. Glogg Shower Gel - this is a very unisex scent, my boyfriend loves it too, says he smells like red hots all day, haha

  57. Hey Congradulations on your 100 subscribers

    my 1st favorite lush product is.....

    1. the big blue bath bomb - because it idk it just smells really reallly good and it has real sea salt in it and it is realy relaxing to me.

    2. the sea vegestable soap - because it has a woody odar and it softens my skin really well and i just looove the way it looks.

    3. all that jas (jasmine) - its one of my favorite bath bombs because it really soothes me after a long day at school shoping etc.

  58. Congrats again... my first one iss

    1. Cinders bath bomb - because idk it smeells really good like cinnamon and hints of orange.. i also loove how its packaged.

    2.Gingerman Bath Bomb - because it just has that warm feeling that christmas it already here and the way its shaped into a gingerbread man (or lady) is a classic.

    3. Happy Blooming Bath Melt - it of course smells like cheerries and it also has little cherry embrodery on it which is a sucker tto me on how it looks

    these are one of the 3 things I LOVE FROM LUSH!!!!!!!!!!

  59. here we go againnn

    1. Floating Island Bath Melt - is a really good one because i have dry skin sometimes and it helps soothe my dryness

    2. Goth Juice shower gel - it really helps my hair when i wanna style some parts of it like for halloween i used this and it kept my hair looking fashionable vute

    3. JUNGLE CONDITIONER - because it looks like a jungle for realz if you see it and that amazed me it also makes my hair look and feel healthy and great

  60. Im still Kinda New to Lush but I would say my 3 Favorite things would be:

    1. Honey I washed the Kids Soap because I love the way it smells!! I like Honey Smells.

    2. Rockstar Soap because I love sweet candy smells.


    3. Would have to be the Sex Bomb because it turns my water such a pretty pink color and the smell OMGosh!!! The Rose in it is also a cute!!!

  61. My fav lush product is the chrismas eve bubble bar becaz it smells really good and i love the color!!!!

  62. My favorite lush products::
    1.The Joy of Jelly shower jelly!(: It smells amazing and I love playing with it. It's so squishy!! xD
    2.Too Drunk emotibomb. hehe. It relaxes me and it's slightly better than the Vicks stick.
    3.The Sunny Side melt fer sure. It reminds me of the toy balls with the spikes that you squish and the water's just swirling around. (:

  63. love love love the 9 to 5 cleansing lotion because it's moisturizing and it makes my skin fresh and soft. even though i'm not big into the orchid smell, i still love it cause it takes all my make up off. love! i only got a 100g of it though :(

    the fairytail sugar scrub is awesome too cause it smells so awesome. and it goes really well with the snow fairy shower gel.

    i also really like the ice blue soap. it smells minty which wakes me up in the morning. smells like spearmint gum to me haha. AWESOMENESS!

  64. i really like the vitamin e toner tab cause it's such an unique product. it smells like lavender to me. it's so relaxing when i put my face over the steam. very refreshing.

    the therapy massage bar to me smells like a little bit vanilla-ish. it smells also kinda herbally which i really like cause it's not overpowering. it's really moisturizing as well.

    i love the big shamboo because it makes my hair smells freaking fabulous. at first i hated it because there are grains of salt that made it weird. but when i actually used it, it makes my hair all voluminous and springy. love it!

  65. If it's cool, I'm posting a different 3 in every response :)

    1. Dorothy Bubble Bar -
    It's a wonderful herbal, earthy, ylang ylang scent, and it makes the water such an amazing blue color! I have to use the whole bubble bar every time I get one, but I keep the rainbows to put around my room, one: because they look pretty, and two: because they scent it amazingly :)

    2. Honey Bee Bath Bomb -
    It's worth the yellow water. It smells exactly like the 3 other honey LUSH products: Ma Bar, Honey I Washed The Kids, and Flying Fox, which I absolutely love. It's so bright and comforting, I love dropping it in the bath and watching it whirl around, it's like pouring a jar of honey in your bath without the stickiness :)

    3. Porridge Soap -
    It's the best smelling soap of all the LUSH products, an orange cheese cake kind of scent, I've yet to meet anyone that did't like it. And it's very cheap for it's value, it lathers amazingly and has oats that are wonderful exfoliaters for your skin, you get out of the shower feeling soft and smelling amazing :)

    Those are my first 3 favorie LUSH products! :)

  66. The next 3 favorite products of mine -

    1. Jungle Solid Conditioner -
    It smells like amazing fruits and... well... A JUNGLE :) It's also so softening and soothing to dried up and tangled hair, and lathers up like a dream :)

    2. Snow Fairy Shower Gel -
    My favorite shower gel. Sadly it only comes around Christmas, so I have to stock up every December for the hard year to come. Until Christmas comes, I have to purchase it's similar scented bath and shower products.

    3. Shimmy Shimmy Glitter Bar -
    It's very moisturizing and smells amazing. Also it's so cute! Just like all the massage / glitter bars. I love glitter so this was a must LUSH product for me :)

  67. Next three favorite -

    1. Snowcake Soap
    I stock up so much every year, it's kind of sad how much money I spend on Snowcake soap. But it smells so good, like lamond pudding and warm comforting Winter. One of my favorite LUSH soaps. :)

    2. Butterball Bath Bomb -
    The little cocoa butter bits are so comforting and moisturizing, it turns the water a wonderful milky, comfortable, relaxing color. I always get out of the tub feeling soft and moisturized, thanks to this bomb. :)

    3. Christmas Eve Bubble Bar -
    It's just like the Dorothy bubble bar, but with a dark blue color. It has some differences though, it's much more soothing and comforting, and it's more in the Christmas spirit. Like I keep the rainbow on the Dorothy bubble bar, I keep the moon on the Christmas Eve bubble bar. :)

  68. 1. Mange Too Massage Bar -
    Good enough... well... to eat! I've broken off pieces many times and ate them. It was a great decision making it edible! It smells and tastes amazing! One of my favorite massage bars. :)

    2. Too Drunk... Emotibomb
    It clears your head and congestion system. It smells like amazing citruses and produces and amazing foggy mist in your shower. This is definitely my favorite emotibomb!

    3. Space Girl Bath Bomb
    So sparkly any glittery! It smells like grapefruit and makes the water an amazing periwinkle purple! So moisturizing and comforting! One of my favorite bombs.

  69. Next three favorite -

    1. American Cream Conditioner -
    A wonderful subtle vanilla creamy scent. It softens my hair and eliminates split ends, leaving it smooth and able to run your hands through. :)

    2. Think Pink Bath Bomb -
    An amazing little pink bath bomb, it smells like creamy candy and snow fairy combined. It turns the water an amazing vibrant pink, and surprises you with it's little pink flowers. :)

    3. Hot Toddy Bubble Bar
    A spicy, cinnamon bubble bar that only comes around during Christmas. It smells like the holidays, all the spirit and cheer. It's based after an English drink as well. :)

  70. Next 3 Favorite -

    1. Vanilla Delite Lotion
    I love vanilla scents, so this was another must for me. It's amazingly moisturizing and smells like Butterball bath bomb, which is another one of my favorites. It works like a dream so I use it often. :)

    2. Fresh Farmacy Cleanser
    This is definitely hands down my favorite cleanser. It delivers amazing results that no other cleanser I've used does. It makes my skin feel clean, it's not greasy, it improves texture, and it's very gentle. :)

    3. Grease Lightning Cleanser
    A cleanser made specifically for your face. It works great, I use it on my dry and rough spots on my face and they clear up and start smoothing off a lot quicker than other face cleanswers. :)

  71. Next 3 Favorite -

    1. Tuca Tuca Massage Bar
    It smells amazing, like violet and lavender, it works really well, it fixes all the aches and pains on my body. I also use it to replace lotion, and it works very well. :)

    2. Strawberry Feels Forever Massage Bar
    It smells almost exactly like Yummy Yummy Yummy shower scrub. It's like cream and strawberries and helps relieve all the knots on my body. I also use this one as a lotion when using Yummy Yummy Yummy shower scrub. :)

    3. Rub Rub Rub Shower Scrub
    I almost can't describe the scent! It's like amazing citrusy, fruity, lemony, orangey, but also like tulips, violets and lavenders. All the scents mix very well.

  72. Next 3 Favorite -

    1. Karma Bath Melt
    I love everything in the Karma line, but the bath melt has to be my favorite. It smells like spice and coffee. It softens my skin and is extremely relaxing. :)

    2. Blue Skies Bubble Bar
    It smells like ylang ylang and patchouli. It's an extremely large bubble bar, it's swirls of blue and white literally make it Blue Skies & Fluffy White Clouds. It's so relaxing and puts me to sleep at night. :)

    3. Flosty Gritter Bubble Bar
    This bar leaves an extremely light silver, pink and purple glitter after getting out of the bath. It was the perfect amount of bubbles. It turns the water a light tinted pink and smells great! I couldnt stop sniffing the bar! It smells clean but sweet. :)

  73. Next 3 -

    1. The Godmother Soap
    My favorite aspect of this soap is the smell; I think it smells exactly like Swedish Fish, which is my favorite candy. I love to wash with it when I've had a bad day and need a little pick-me-up! :)

    2. Sea Vegetable Soap
    I got this soap for the shower, and I adore it! It smells really refreshing, and the scent lingers. I also love the exfoliating seaweed. My bar didn't melt too quickly, as it's a little firm. :)

    3. Demon In The Dark
    It's so appley and minty. It's such a fresh smell. Usually I don't like the fresh smelling products at LUSH, but I actually really love this one. It's also very moisturizing. :)

  74. i love the charlotte island body tint because it gives me the most gorgeous bronzy and sun-kissed look. it smells like chocolate which is kind of freaking awesome because most of the self tanners that i had tried smell terrible.

    i love the avobath bath bomb because it smells like lime which is really refreshing. and it's moisturizing as well.

    the think pink bath bomb smells really awesome and it is one of the first lush products that i've tried. when i first used it, i just FELL IN LOVEEE!
    definitely one of the reasons why i love lush so much!


  75. Next 3 Favorite -

    1. R&B Hair Treatment
    It smells like amazing coconut and avacado and helps my dry hair. It's wonderfully moisturizing and leaves my roots healed, and softens my hair up so much. :)

    2. Sweetie Pie Shower Jelly
    It smells like candy and sweets, but unusually different from the other sweet smells at LUSH. Shower Jelly is such a fun concept, it's like gelatin for your shower. I also stick these in the freezer when I have sunburn or it's really hot, and It's wonderfully cooling, as well. :)

    3. Vanillary Perfume
    This is shockingly expensive, so I often just purchase the solid perfume. It's the offspring scent of Vannila Fountain, one of my favorite bath bombs, and it smells amazingly fresh and sweet, not sickening like most other vanilla scents. :)

  76. Next 3 Favorite -

    1. Karma Bubble Bar
    It smells like foreign spices and herbs, and makes the water an amazing orange-red-burgundy color. Definitely one of my favorite bubble bars of LUSH's. :)

    2. Woosh Shower Jelly
    It's so fun to play with, and it smells very oceany and minty and fresh. I actually play with this longer than I use this. Definitely my favorite Shower Jelly. :)

    3. Dreamtime Bath Melt
    What a fabulous product. The smell is just enough to give the bathroom a soft and subtle smell. After bathing in the tub for a while, I was completely relaxed. I got out, put on my pajamas and fell asleep. :)

  77. Next 3 Favorite -

    1. Bathos Bubble Bar
    Turns the water an amazing purple color. It smells like violet and rose, and is amazing calming, I use it before going to bed. One of my favorite bubble bars. :)

    2. Lust Perfume
    It smells great and it stays put nicely even though it is a solid, as solids usually don't have very good staying power. I wear this all the time, I think it is just a lovely, sexy scent. :)

    3. Ma Bar Bubble Bar
    It smells amazing, like all the other LUSH honey products. It makes amazing bubbles and a nice calming color in the bath, I usually light some candles and set some calming music for this one, just to savor it. :)

  78. Next 3 Favorite -

    1. Cinders Bath Bomb
    It smells like spices and candy, and I love the pop rocks! I really wish this bath bomb were one of the bigger ones. :)

    2. Avobath Bath Bomb
    It's one of my favorite bath bombs. It smells like lemongrass and avacadoes and makes the bath a nice relaxing green color. :)

    3. Comforter Bubble Bar
    It smells like black-currents and berries, and makes the bath a purple-pink color. I love the swirly design on the bar itself, as well. :)

  79. Next 3 Favorite -

    1. Sonic Death Monkey Shower Gel
    It smells like chocolate, coffee, oranges, and many other scents. I think the blend of loads of scents gives it it's unique quality and goes together nicely. :)

    2. Rock Star Soap
    It's like bubble-gum and candy, soda-pop and licorice, all blended into one. All the sweets of childhood are brought back along with their memories with this bar of soap. :)

    3. Sexy Peel Soap
    It smells like amazing citrus and lemon-lime, it's like a tropical smoothie made into a soap. It's also very moisturizing, as well. :)

  80. Next 3 Favorite -

    1. Playdoze Bubble Bar
    It's like squishing playdoh, it brings you back to childhood. It's also very relaxing, it smells like fennel and flowers and sends me right to sleep. I use it before bed. :)

    2. Sex Bomb Bath Bomb
    It smells like roses and flowers, as well as jasmine and spice. It's a very sexy scent, and makes your bath a wonderful purple and pink color. :)

    3. Waving Not Drowning Bath Bomb
    It's a very relaxing bomb that is meant to put you right to sleep, and it does that very well. It makes the bath a very pale, light, blue color and smells like fennel and lavender. :)

  81. Next 3 Favorite -

    1. All That Jas Bath Bomb
    It has an amazing jasmine, floral, sexy scent. It smells like a garden, and Summer time. It's very relaxing and turns the water a dark green. One of my favorite bombs. :)

    2. Ego Massage Bar
    This is among my favorite massage bars. It's so silky and smooth, and smells like relaxing herbs, it soothes my aches and pains and leaves me feeling soft and smooth. :)

    3. Rainbow Worrier Bath Bomb
    It's such a relaxing vanilla sort of scent. At first it makes the bath a cool, off-white color, but then out from nowhere there comes a red spurt of color. :)

  82. 1. Karma Bath Melt - is my favoriteee also. it smeels like coffee and a whole bunch of spices it softend my skin a lot and i was really pleased with it.

    2. Sea Vegetable
    This soap smells really refreshing and it gives me that clean feeling.

    3. Pink Bath Bomb - smells really sweet to me and i absolitley love it a lot its a recent bath bomb that i have gotten

  83. hello again(:
    lemme get started

    1. You've Been Mangoed Bath Melt - i LOOOOVVVEEE this it gives me a soft feeling and also a nice glow to go with it everytime I use it.

    2. The Comforter Bubble Bar -
    whenever i use this it makes me feel relaxed and it lets my worries go all away.

    3. Vanillary Solid Perfume -
    i loove this perfume because i like vanilla scents a lot and i where this once a week and i get a lot of compliments while i wear it to school, to got out etc,..

  84. 3 Favorite

    1. Snow fairy lip tint - this i loove a lot it keeps my liips very moisturized and it smells like bubble gum and i loove it.

    2. Angels Delight Soap - this smeels like cherry to me and i love the scent of it and i used this on christmas morining and i loved it.

    3. Snow Globe Soap - i love how this feels on my skin it has a cooling sensational feel to it and my whole family loves this soaop so we all use it.

  85. Next threee

    1. Bannana Moon Soap - i endend up getting this for my brother because he loves bannanas but when i opened it i fell in love and used it so to make a small story short i had to go and get him another onee.

    2. Bon Bain Bonnard Bath Bomb - i like this bath bomb because it makes me feel like if im a artist because of all the colors in it and that it smeels like rose too.

    3. Ice Hotel Bubble Bar - it melts under hot water and thats pretty cool and i just loove to use it whenever its cold outside

  86. Next three

    1. It's a Date Bubble Bar - its PINK which i loove very much and it also is very fruity scented and its very sweet whicch i love very much.

    2. Dr. Peppermint Solid Shampoo bar - this is soo minty and its really refreshing and tingly on your skin.

    3. Harvey Bath Bomb - first of all its a bunny face and i thought that was so cute when i saw it and secondly it has a scent of carrot seeds and i looved it very much .

  87. Next 3 favorite -

    1. Ruby Red Slippers Bubble Bar
    Smells like carnations and flowers, and makes the bath a beautiful deep red with sparkly glitter that leaves on your skin. Very relaxing bubble bar. :)

    2. A French Kiss Bubble Bar
    Smells like Thyme and Lavender, it softens my skin and makes a lasting scent all over my skin. Turns the water a light purple color, very relaxing as well. :)

    3. Sultana of Soap
    It smells like fruit, nougat, and dried apricot. It is creamy and soft. The smell is amazing and stays with you for a long time after you use it. :)

  88. I looooove the Cinders bath bomb!! It's a great little popping bath bomb that packs a HUGE punch!! :D

    I love using it in the bath along with So white!! :) Together they make the sweetest scent!!

    Also, I really like Happy Hippy shower gel because it wakes me up in the morning when i'm really tired and it really makes my morning sweet!!

  89. Changing up my favorites after Christmas -

    1. So White Bath Bomb and soap - really wish this was a year round scent, smells just like a granny smith apple

    2. Candy Cane - the perfect balance of sweetness can't wait to use it

    3. Honey Hugs Shower Gel - a liquid version of HIWTK, great if you can find it

  90. Congrats on hitting 100! The internet is a huge place, but you must be doing something right if people come across your videos/posts & decide that they're keen enough to check back often :) I haven't yet, since I just discovered it today... and just discovered LUSH during the month of December while Christmas shopping for my sister... but since looking into some goodies I'd like to get for myself, I appreciate the reviews & tips other Lushies put out there! After reading over forums, etc - I made a return trip to the store & have been using some of the items over the past few weeks. Although I haven't yet exhausted their inventory, I can give a sampling of the products I love so far (with many more to come, I hope!)

    1) Dream Cream body lotion: this stuff really works wonders. I have terrible bumpy upper arms & legs, and just after using this cream for a few weeks, its really tamed that down, and can only assume that it will continue to do so in the long run. Not everybody seems to be a fan of the scent, but there are so many other good Lush scents, that the benefits of this cream outweigh the scent for me (which I don't mind); plus, I only put it on at night.

    2) Therapy massage bar: another one where some people don't enjoy the scent, but I LOVE putting it on right after a shower. It leaves a nice kind of glow, where your skin just has a healthy glisten to it (not sparkles though). The smell is just the right amount of sweet, and not too strong. Applies to the skin very smoothly & gets absorbed quickly, which can only mean one thing - my skin can't get enough!

    3) The Olive Branch shower gel: this gel seriously smells like Italy, like wow. I just want to stay in the shower because it smells like a juicy, but salty and savory stroll along the Mediterranean. Doesn't dry my skin out & makes me feel super clean!

    honorable mentions:
    a) Sea Vegetable soap: honestly, I love every single Lush soap I've tried so far - but this one is just neat. The sea salt and seaweed really work at exfoliating your body gently, and the aroma lingers in the air as a fresh, sea-breezy type of freshness. I feel squeaky clean, and unlike a couple of the other soaps I've tried, it doesn't lather too much, but also doesn't melt very quickly. Good bang for your buck :)
    b) Ocean Salt face & body scrub: surprisingly, this exfoliator isn't too harsh. When you first open it, you mix the salt granules with the lotion-type substance underneath, so it really does moisturize while exfoliating! Love!

  91. Congrats on hitting 100! The internet is a huge place, but you must be doing something right if people come across your videos/posts & decide that they're keen enough to check back often :) I haven't yet, since I just discovered it today... and just discovered LUSH during the month of December while Christmas shopping for my sister... but since looking into some goodies I'd like to get for myself, I appreciate the reviews & tips other Lushies put out there! After reading over forums, etc - I made a return trip to the store & have been using some of the items over the past few weeks. Although I haven't yet exhausted their inventory, I can give a sampling of the products I love so far (with many more to come, I hope!)

    1) Dream Cream body lotion: this stuff really works wonders. I have terrible bumpy upper arms & legs, and just after using this cream for a few weeks, its really tamed that down, and can only assume that it will continue to do so in the long run. Not everybody seems to be a fan of the scent, but there are so many other good Lush scents, that the benefits of this cream outweigh the scent for me (which I don't mind); plus, I only put it on at night.

    2) Therapy massage bar: another one where some people don't enjoy the scent, but I LOVE putting it on right after a shower. It leaves a nice kind of glow, where your skin just has a healthy glisten to it (not sparkles though). The smell is just the right amount of sweet, and not too strong. Applies to the skin very smoothly & gets absorbed quickly, which can only mean one thing - my skin can't get enough!

    3) The Olive Branch shower gel: this gel seriously smells like Italy, like wow. I just want to stay in the shower because it smells like a juicy, but salty and savory stroll along the Mediterranean. Doesn't dry my skin out & makes me feel super clean!

  92. above post continued just to include some
    honorable mentions:
    a) Sea Vegetable soap: honestly, I love every single Lush soap I've tried so far - but this one is just neat. The sea salt and seaweed really work at exfoliating your body gently, and the aroma lingers in the air as a fresh, sea-breezy type of freshness. I feel squeaky clean, and unlike a couple of the other soaps I've tried, it doesn't lather too much, but also doesn't melt very quickly. Good bang for your buck :)
    b) Ocean Salt face & body scrub: surprisingly, this exfoliator isn't too harsh. When you first open it, you mix the salt granules with the lotion-type substance underneath, so it really does moisturize while exfoliating! Love!

  93. hey :)
    i would LOVE to win this giveaway!
    i never had the chance to try ANY lush products. i've heard so many great things from you, friends, and other youtubers. so winning this would help me out alot :D

    but from watching all your videos, here are all the products i would love to try...

    - CINDERS because i can just imagine all the pop rocks sounding like a fire place.

    - COMFORTER because i hear its one of THE best smelling lush products and i wanna see what all the fuss is about :)

    - any LIP SCRUB! im most excited to use this because my lips are soooo bipolar lol. sometimes they wanna be soft then other times they wanna flake and be dry. i've heard that it is one of the best lip exfoliators out there so i would LOVE to try one.

    i hope i win. thanks for the giveaway and your amazing videos <3

    -mariedith :)

  94. i just got my order from the uk website today. woop woop!
    so yea, another one of my faves is the the strawberry feels forever massage bar because it smells like the yummy yummy yummy shower gel. and the scent is fruity and milky to me. AWESOMENESS

    i really really like the r&b hair moisturizer. my friend told me that it's greasy for her hair but i really like it because my hair is extremely dry and dehydrated. and a little bit goes a long way. i also really like the fact that it has coconut and avocado in it as well.

    the fizzbanger is now one of my faves because it's so pretty, the lime green color caught me eyes in the website. and its smell really wakes me up too.

  95. This comment has been removed by the author.

  96. Hi i would post my favorite lush products but sadly I never tried lush nor is their one near me so I would love to try lush I love your videos:)

  97. Congratulations for 100 subs I have never ever been to lush or even touched a lush product but I would kill to atleast try out one product or so

  98. I love your channel I know I probably won't win but ill give it a shot well I never have been to lush I never sniffed or touched anything from lush I would love to try out anything from lush.thanks for having this giveaway keep up all the good work on your videos :)

  99. i loveee honey i washed th kids- one of my most adored soaps. the toffee, honey, super warming, sugary sweetness, it's AMAZINGGG
    porridge- the sweetest soap from lush. if i had to live with one soap, this one would be it. the sexy, super sugary, molassesy awesomeness, mmm..
    demon in the dark- this one will always remind me of the first time i wen to lush. this also is the first soap i smelt, the al the peppermint, spearmint, with a hint of vanilla, that gives me a tingley feeling in the shower, it will forever be close to my heart(and my nose! xD)

  100. haha, i have more favourites..oh and congratz to 100 subscribers!
    my fave citrusy soap from lush id sexy peel- its such a refeshing, sexyy soap. i put sexy peel and karma in a lush box and the karma compements the lemon, orange notes in the lexy peel.
    figs and leaves is one of my new favourites! its smells really relaxing and to me it smells like a house :P
    i was a bit hesitant to try out sandstne, but when i smelled it for the first time, my gosh it smells exact like sunny side bubble bar!!! it's a bonus that it exfoilats like crazy good!

  101. the godmother- this is friggin amazing, when snow fairy's not around i get this, but i always get enough snow fairy to last me around 9 months :P
    rock star- this smells like the godmother, but more like vanilla. my sister says it smells like plasic, but she's sooo wrongg. this soap crept up on me and made me love it.
    vanilla in the mist- two words-vanilla latte. this is hands diwn the creamiest, most moisturizing soap from lush(i think)

  102. 13 soap(unlucky for dirt)- i use this as my wash room hand soap. it smells so unique. i first get the notes of fresh roses, but then i get this light note of oregano. this soap is deffinaty a keeper!
    sea veggie- when i smell this, i get the smell of lime. then when i smell it again, i get the lavender. when i smell ir for a third time, i get both of the notes all in one, it's a really relaxing scent and is a good exfoliator.
    karma soap- i got a liquid sample of this in the summer. i eft it ouside my back yard, while my dad was cutting the grass. after is was this most beautiful, gorgeous scent, be carefull thought, if u have too much of it, it could give you a headache!(but other than that, it's gorgeous!)

  103. ice blue soap- this one really wakes me up in th morning, espically if i'm running a bit behind on schedule. its very pepperminty and a nice wake-me-up scent.
    alkmaar- this is very cute, because it looks like cheese. i got my little sister to lick this lol, i'm so evil. the sensual jasmine and vetivert are a mature fragrence.
    bohemian- from afar, it looks like there is a chunck of lemon stuck in it. this soap is just very lemony. it's just a strong, pretty citrus scent.

  104. mandrin's tea party- this is a really straight up mandrin scent. it's not really a citrusy, in your face scent, its nice and light and i think its really cute that they put dried mandrin's in it.
    snow globe- smells like lemony flutter. the lemon myrtle goes great with the grapefruit. and i really like the look, it realy does look like a snow globe!
    snow cake- this is sooo creamy. the smell of amlond icing and marzipan, makes me crave actual marzipan!!

  105. cinders- friggin sexiest xmas bath bomb everrrr. the cute pop rocks, the notes vanilla, light cinammon or nutmeg, i literally could smell this all day.
    so white soap and bath bomb- a gorgeous granny smith, fresh orchard apple scent. i wish i had enought money to get like 10 matryoshka gift sets!
    iced wine- a sweet, fruity jiggler. it does smell like hte taste of ice wine. i also smell the notes grapefruit and a bit of bergamont this is soo sweet and sexy.

  106. glogg- such wintery spicy, vanilla scent. i do sell red wine, and brandy, really warm my body, espically on cold nights!
    christmas eve- this is really relaxing. it kinda smells like alkmmar soap. the jasmine and yland yland is really nice and the bath water is deep blue and a bit glittery, just pretty.
    the boogg- this bath bomb is really cool in the water. it really explodes in the water. i like the sherbert scent it has.

  107. candy cane- the love this. its the same scent as cream candy, snow fairy, the godmother and rock star, and the bubble bar it self look awesome as the scent.
    snow fairy gel and lip tint- just super girly, tutti, frutti scent. i also thin the gitter is a cute thing too
    sugan plum fairy- super exfoliating. the sugary, plum scent is really girly, which i adore

  108. lil'lush pud- because of the smell of snow cake( marzipan)
    once a year- its super moisturizing effect and the brandy, cinammon, cocoa butter scent.
    bearded lady- the amount of bubbles it gives, the scent of bananas and pieces of king of skin really draw me in!

  109. vanillary fragrance- all have to say about this is thats it's super diverse. from teens to mature women, its scent will make you want more, and is also very organic.
    karma fragrance- a lush classic. with patchouli and orange, this relly is lush's most unique scent.
    imogen rose- just sexy straight up rose, this one is scent is really truely timeless

  110. think pink- because of its girly neroli and tonka absolute and the fact that, who wouldn't want to have a bath in pink water?
    tisty tosty- the amazing scent of rose. it reminds me of when my oma put rose bath pearls when i was little.
    space girl- a nice backberry candy scent. with the glitter, it's realy out of this world :P

  111. waving not drowning- a super camling, make you fall asleep scent. you actually are waving not drowning.
    sakura- this amazing cherry blooming scent.
    big blue- cuz it smells like the ocean, but it's in your bath tub!

  112. vanilla fountain- just like the other vanilla scents, just cute and girly.
    dragon's egg- a soft lemony sherbert scent, it reminds or smells like a baby to me XD
    fizzanger- because of the toffee-apple scent. like a friggin apple pie in your bath tub.

  113. twilight- the relaxing sweet lavender, with vanilla, i really want to buy more. and because the bath bombe goes from pink to blue.
    blackberry- just sweet blackberry scented goodness.
    avobath- really nice. moisturizing, which is surprising un a bath bomb and the avocados, lemongrass and citrus, really uplift me.

  114. sex bomb- a most loved classic lush bath bomb. i can''t really describe the scent, but all i can say is this is really sexy.
    golden slumbers- an organic lavender and i can really smell the chamomile.
    honey bee-because it smells like honey i washed the kids. the super sweet toffee honey scent is gorgeous.

  115. butterball- cuz it's super moisturizing, and the scent of musky vanilla and creamy cocoa butter is really calming.
    satsumo santa- just a nice, uplifting orange oil scent and is just really citrusy.
    ickle baby bot- just like the dream time bath melt- relaxing and makes me ready for bed.

  116. melting marshmallow moments- it smells absolutely amazing, it leave my skin smelling delicious!!!
    floating island- the sandalwood and lemon go great together. and i actually put the reast over my body, when i'm in the bath, so the smell lingers on my skin
    happy blooming- i love the fake cherry chapstick smell and i can use it it three baths!

  117. dremtime- i almost fell asleep in the bath tub because of this aphrodisac.
    you've been mangoed- one word -WOW!!!
    ceridwen's cauldron- the oats, butterand other thig in this concotion make my skin baby soft.

  118. the iced wine shower jellie reminds me of wine cause it smells like alcohol. the fruity smell really wakes me up in the early morning.

    the ego massage bar is lavender-ish which i also really like besides the dessert type smell. it puts me to sleep and the smell is absolutely gorgeous. reminds me of the princess diaries movies. haha, don't know why.

    the calacas shower jellie is really cool cause it's shaped like the skull. it smells like the lady catrina soap which i also really like. very fruity and citrusy

  119. Next 3 Favorite -

    1. Honey I Washed The Kids Soap
    It smells like lemon and honey and toffee and cream and so many other things. Everybody's favorite soap as well. It lathers amazingly and leaves my skin soft and soothed. :)

    2. Li'l Lush Pud Bath Bomb
    It smells just like Snowcake, my favorite soap of ALL TIME. It's so relaxing and comforting, and makes the bath a nice sandy color. One of my favorite holiday products. :)

    3. You've Been Mangoed Bath Melt
    I love citrusy smells, so I love this bath melt. It's very creamy and it makes the bath a pale orange and smells like... mangoes, as you might of guessed. :)

  120. Next 3 Favorite -

    1. Spice Girls Soap
    I love spicy scents, especially during the winter. They help warm me up to protect me from the harsh weather (that and warm clothing), and the scent is like lovely peppermint and spices. :)

    2. Magic Mushroom Bubble Bar
    I stock up on this every Valentine's Day. It smells just like Yummy Yummy Yummy, which is my favorite shower gel. It produces massive amounts of bubbles, and it's a very cute shape. :)

    3. Sunny Citrus Soap
    A very low-profile soap. It's discontinued and only on the UK site. But it shouldn't be! It smells amazing, like lemons and limes, and all other kinds of fruits. It's very hydrating to skin and also leaves it feeling soft. :)

    Cinders- i love the cinnamon scent on it! and its cheap! and the crackling pop rocks adds fun while your taking a bath!

    Snow Fairy Angel- i love the sweet smell of this, the packaging the sparkling glitter and the name!!! lol! and this shower gel is just moisturizing. so its money well spent!

    Up you gets emotibomb- if i dont feel like taking a bath.i use this especially in the morning! it just energizes you especially the scent of lemon and grapefruit!

  122. So I'm relatively new to Lush but I'm already obsessed! I picked up a good amount of stuff online during the BOGO sale (I can't wait for my package to arrive!) and I'll be going to my local Lush tomorrow in hopes of finding a few straggler items that were left behind from the BOGO sale. Wish me luck!
    Anyway, I've gotten the chance to try a good number of their products and I am absolutely IN LOVE! A few of my favorites are:

    1. Porridge Soap - I absolutely LOVE the sweet smell! It's so delicious that I can't stop sniffing myself after I get out of the shower!

    2. Ocean Salt - I have extremely dry, flakey skin and the winter air does not help that in the least bit. During the colder months I get HORRIBLE winter skin, but Ocean Salt is my go-to product! I love how exfoliating it is and how it creates a nice smooth canvas for my Lush Dream Cream!

    3. Gingerbread Bubble Bar - First off, it makes SO MANY BUBBLES! The first time I tried this bar, I used about 1/3 of the entire thing and got more bubbles than even I needed! Definitely worth the money! Plus the scent is so amazing! It lingers on my skin for ages and hours later I can close my eyes and feel like I'm still in my bath tub! Luxury at its finest!

    Since I'm still a new-be, I couldn't be more thankful that I found your YouTube Channel! I absolutely love watching your videos, seeing products, getting your opinions on them, and getting your advice! Thank you so much for making videos, I hope you never stop! I truly appreciate that you take the time to share your knowledge and insight with people everywhere who love lush!

  123. Three more of my favorite products! Of course I have several top 3 lists lol :P

    1. Honey I washed the Kids Soap - I absolutely LOVE the smell of honey, so this soap makes the top of my list. I love the honeycomb texture on the top of the bar, as well! It's so adorable and feels great on the skin! I've really been wanting to try Lush's Honey Farm Wrapped Gift, but I haven't been able to get my hands on it unfortunately. I'm still hoping to find it so I can sample all of Lush's honey-scented goodies!

    2. Cinders Bath Bomb - This is a product I love purely for the scent. The cinnamon smell is so indulgent and winter-y that I can't help but love it! The pop rocks are an added bonus that really spice up the classic scent!

    3. Dream Cream - This cream works wonders on my dry, flakey skin! I love the moisturizing properties it has! It works far better than any chemically enhanced creams I've ever tried and after using this, I don't think I can even turn to unnatural products ever again!

  124. And 3 more, I consider myself a Lush-ee now haha :)

    1. The Comforter Bubble Bar - I LOVE how giant-sized and delicious smelling this bar is! I get several super- bubbly baths out of this product and each one smells decadently fruity!

    2. Buffy Body Butter- I LOVE how exfoliating this bar is! It's amazing at removing dry, dead skin from my body. ANd it does so in a way that makes my skin FEEL healthier! I love this product and will never turn to mass manufactured tubes of gunk from the drugstore EVER AGAIN!

    3. Vanilla Fountain Bath Bomb - I love this one for the vanilla scent! It smells completely like the sweet, indulgent vanilla that I LOVE in my bath and body products! Plus, the vanilla bean is too cute!

  125. 3 more :)

    1. Snowcake Soap - I love the almondy scent this soap leaves on my skin! I feel like I'm wearing a delicious homemade almond cookie perfume! This scent gets positive attention from everyone who gets close enough to get a nice wiff!

    2. Bunty Wrapped Gift - This box has a great selection of bath products and makes the perfect gift for a friend at a reasonable price (plus one for myself during the after-Christmas BOGO sale !)

    3. Ceridwen's Cauldron - This bath melt left my skin SO SOFT AND SMOOTH that I can't wait to use it again! I felt like I had just bathed in baby oil without the grease! Definitely an amazing product!

  126. Next 3 Favorite -

    1. Strawberry Feels Forever Massage Bar
    It's a giant massage bar, and it smells exactly like Yummy Yummy Yummy which is my favorite shower gel. It works very well and it looks really cute. I use this as a lotion. :)

    2. Fever Massage Bar
    It has a sexy design and an even sexier jasmine spicy scent. The cocoa and shea butter make it smooth on your skin and easy to apply. It makes my skin soft and smelling amazing. :)

    3. It Started With A Kiss Lip Tint
    A very unsual LUSH scent. A different apple smell to other apple products by LUSH, but I love it nonetheless. It has a gorgeous deep red color and smells like amazing apples. :)

  127. Next 3 Favorite -

    1. Honey Trap Lip Balm
    It smells amazing! I prefer this to Burts Bee's, which is my go-to lip balm brand. It smells sweet like toffee and honey and lemon, just like Honey I Washed The Kids. :)

    2. World Peace Bath Bomb
    Sweet, Powdery, Floral scent. It makes the bath a green-blue aqua kind of color. Smells amazing, and is very relaxing. Use this right before going to bed. :)

    3. Snow Globe Soap
    A sharp, lemony, kind of sweet scent. A very wake-you-up kind of scent. It smells amazing and makes my skin feel refreshed and awakened. I use this in the morning when I'm not so "wakey-wakey-eggs-'n'-backy." :)

  128. 1. Sultana soap- I have about a pound of it. I love it! It's so creamy, moisturizing and lathers well. =)

    2. Snowfairy- I love the sweet, bubblegum and candyfloss smell. I also use it as shampoo and to wash my clothes with...soo good!

    3. Blackberry bath bomb- I love the little surprise inside the bomb =) and how it smells like Sultana :)'s very relaxing and moisturizing! I love the color it turns my bath water

  129. the american cream perfume is really gorgeous. it smells exactly like the conditioner but the best thing is that it lasts all day and is stronger than the conditioner. LOVE IT!

    The seanik solid shampoo is definitely a favorite because it lasts FOREVER! it was such a surprise! because i didn't actually go to the shop, no one told me that it can last about 60 to 90 uses. and it makes my hair really really soft as well.

    i love the combination of american cream conditioner and the glogg shower gel. makes my hair smell like chritmas haha. sweet and spicy at the same time! i'm so sad that i didn't stock up the glogg shower gel so i guess i'll have to pray that Lush will come bring that out next christmas!

  130. i love the vanila dee-lite lotion because it smells like vanillaaaaa! smells like REAL vanilla, not synthetic ones like the victoria secret's vanilla lace perfume that i have. it's absolutely fabulous. and the consistency of the lotion isn't too thick and greasy as well!

    the smells like the snowcake soap to me. like almond marzipan. but the only down side to it is that to me it only smells good in the bath but before using it, it smells like soap. it's probably just me. ha!

    the sex in the bath emotibomb really has a true jasmine scent which i also really like. it'd be better if it was vanilla though, but it's good enough for me. the thing that i like about this is that i don't actually have to take a bath and waste all the water by taking a shower instead! :D

  131. Next 3 Favorite -

    1. Absolute Delight Bath Bomb
    It's like Sex Bomb, except ten times better. It still has the sexy jasmine and spice scent, but makes the color a cooler, pink tint. It's extremely uplifting. :)

    2. Snow Fairy Lip Tint
    It smells exactly like Snow Fairy, which is the most amazing smelling thing, and it has an amazing pretty pink color, I use it on my checks as well. :)

    3. Amondopondo Bubble Bar
    It smells like amazing rose and lemon, and makes the bath a nice white color and produces tons of bubbles. I love the roses it releases into the water as well. :)

  132. Next 3 Favorite

    1. Ex Factor Bath Bomb
    It smells sweet, like candy, and is very cute. It turns the water an amazing blue and has a subtle sweet, powdery scent. It's very soothing and relaxing as well. :)

    2. Each Peach Massage Bar
    Everyone's favorite massage bar as well, it smells like... peaches... obviously. I use it as a lotion and it's amazingly moisturizing and sooths my aches and pains. :)

    3. Ghost Shower Gel
    It smells exactly like Snowcake. So every Halloween I get this, since I can't ever get my hands on a Snowcake Shower Gel. I love this scent, it's amazingly creamy and smooth as well. :)

  133. the comforter- probally one of lushs best bubble bars. the smell of sweet, soft currents and berries are soo sweet. i'm also happy they made one that you can use up to four or five baths! and whos wouldn't wanna take a bath in pink water?
    sunny side- the smell is sooo uplifting! like super sweet lemons. it's just this really clean scent. I LOVEE how this one makes the bath lik liquid gold! i also enjoy to be on the sunny side of things!
    pop in the bath- i love the orange blossom, mandarin notes in it. i have no idea, buti smell neroli, bnut thats just my nose. i really enjoy this one becauce i can take a bath, using this one any time of the day, which is really cool. it makes me fell happy and is just enjoyable.

  134. karma bubble bar- the scent is just so unique!! this also is one of the bubble bars i can use any time of day. the patchuli and "lush orange" scent is just relaxing and different from other products, one of my faves.
    a french kiss- the lavender, the amount of bubbles and the thyme really get me! super camling and relaxing scent. i use this if i ever am starting to be sleep deprived.
    flosty gritter- for quite some time, i use to call this "frosty glitter", because of all the name look so much like those world, until i actually read the word :P a cute, sweet american cream, strawberries and cream scented bubble bar. a plus with the glitter!nice and sweet!

  135. amondopando- this one i love to death, because of the mesmorising rose scent. i loveee rose scents!!
    i personally like that when i put it in the bath, the water turns white, its soo strong(to me) scented and it reminds me of when my oma gave me baths!
    creamy candy- just cutesy, girly, creamy candy, snow fairy, cocoa butter, the godmother, rock stary sweetness!
    ma bar- just this cocoa, honey, toffee, honey i washed the kids scent, thats in a moisturising bubble bar!!

  136. bathos- i love this one because of the violet scent and the face thats it turns the bath water this deep purple colour!
    blue skies and fluffy whit clouds- a very exotic fracgence. it's cool because guys can take a bath, using this one too!
    dorthy- the smell of figs and leaves in a bubble bar, the more important question is why lush decided to discontinue it!

  137. ulrabalm- i love this stuff because its a multipurpose moisturizer!
    dark yellow supplement- i love this!! i use this, instead of foundation, becuase it's so much better for your skin and it give me a nice even skin tone!
    dark stocking- my legs have never looked(or smelt) better!!

  138. This comment has been removed by the author.

  139. it started with a kiss- i use this unstead of red lipstick, because i want my lips to be really moisturized and have a nice flush of cherry red!
    honey trap- this is my usual lip balm- i use this after i have used mint julips, to have a mint white chocolate taste!
    chocolate whipstick- tastes just like chocolate and makes my lips smile!

  140. lip servive- a nice change from sweet things to a fruity taste. plus i can taste mandrins!
    none of your beeswax- the change from beeswax to natural plant buttersand waxes i like cuz it doesn't hurt the environment and it tastes delicious!
    double choc- this has the same taste as choc whipstick, but it has like a flex of gold, read and orange glitter in it! sexyyyy!

  141. mint julips- i will try anything that`s mint related and on the plus side, it`s edible!
    bubblegum lip scrub- the candy, classic taste
    sweet lips- what more can i say other than chocolate sugar?

  142. dark angels- since i have lik th oiliest skin in the world, i use this to help combate it and this really is an angel to my skin!
    herbalism- i got a sample of this and i personally lik the smell. it reminds me of mint jelly. this one also work on my oily skin, but i only use it sometimes.
    grease lightning- this thing is a skin savoiur!! one of the best spot treaments out there!

  143. fresh farmacy- this totally calms down redness, if i have like rednes arould my nose, or a pimple.
    coalface- i love to use this in the shower and i love the fact that it has charcoal in it to combat oil! an awesome facial soap!
    mask of magnaminty- an awesome mask andio love the minty, tingleiness to it!

  144. Next 3 Favorite -

    1. Calacas Shower Jelly
    It smells like fruity candy, and jelly babies, it looks beautiful and produces a wonderful lather. This is probably my favorite shower jelly. :)

    2. Iced Wine Shower Jelly
    This one goes good with Cinders and Glogg. It smells like sweet, spicy, mulled wine. It's a beautiful deep red color, and it makes an amazing lather. :)

    3. Butterball Shower Gel
    It smells exactly like the bath bomb, and has cocoa butter and shea butter in it, also like the bath bomb. It's so creamy and smooth, and it produces a wonderful lather as well :)

  145. Next 3 Favorite -

    1. The Joy of Jelly Shower Jelly
    It smells like amazing aphrodisiacs and spicy, sexy, herbs and jasmine. It has an amazing deep purple color and produces a wonderful lather. :)

    2. Hot Java Bath Bomb
    It smells like amazing latte, spices, creamer, whipped topping, and in general, like a coffee shop. It produces an undescribly beautiful deep burgundy. It's so relaxing and soothing. :)

    3. Snowcake Shower Gel
    I didn't appreciate this when it first came out. I only bought one bottle, but I regret it so. Snowcake is my favorite soap, and I can't seem to get my hands on this shower gel to save my life. But I'll be thankful if I finally do. :)

  146. Next 3 Favorite -

    1. Tramp Shower Gel
    I love the woodsy outdoorsy smell of this gel that it brings to my loufa. It has a jet black color inside the bottle. It produces an amazing lather and wakes me up instantly. :)

    2. The Olive Branch Shower Gel
    This is a very interesting shower gel. It has oils and cream that you have to shake together for it to produce the actual shower gel. Kind of like a sald dressing bottle. It smells like Pop In The Bath which is one of my favorite bubble bars. :)

    3. Happy Hippy Shower Gel
    This shower gel makes me.. dare I say it.. a happy hippy. It smells like amazing grapefruit and citrus and has a beautiful electric green color, and lathers very well. :)

  147. Next 3 Favorite -

    1. B Electro Soap
    The best part about this soap is - being completely serious - the color. I originally bought it specifically because of it's beautiful vibrant electric green color, but fell in love the similar to sexy peel citrusy scent. :)

    2. Avoshower Shower Gel
    I LOVE Avobath, so this was a must. It smells exactly like the bath bomb, beautiful Avocadoes and lemongrass. It's a very wake-you-up scent and I use it on slow mornings. :)

    3. Black Pearl Shower Gel
    I love this perfume, who doesn't love this perfume? I jump right on every rare shower gel and forum party LUSH has, so of course I have this one. It's a beautiful scent and a nice gray color. It produces a great lather too. :)

  148. Next 3 Favorite -

    1. Honey Hugs Shower Gel
    I love this shower gel even more than Flying Fox! It's an IDENTICAL scent to Honey I Washed The Kids and Ma Bar. It's beautiful and makes a wonderful lather. :)

    2. The Comforter Shower Gel
    The most amazing black-current berry scent of the Comforter bubble bar turned into a shower gel. How could it go wrong? It also has a beautiful electric pink color. :)

    3. Freeze Shower Gel
    It smells like peppermint and Ice Blue, Snow Globe soaps. It's very stimulating and wakes me up when I'm having a down morning. It's one of my favorite shower gels. :)

  149. imperialis- this cream wirks wonders! i have super oily skin on my t-zone, and dry paches so this really equalizes my skin. i don`t have super oily skin any more, love this shizaa!!!!
    tea tree toner water- this is amazing! helps with my anoyying oily t-zone!
    each peach(and two`s a pair) massage bar- this is the first massage bar i tried and this stuff is soo fruity!! this is hands down one of my most fave massage bars from lush!

  150. Next 3 Favorite -

    1. Uluru Shower Gel
    It smells like the bath bomb, and has a great orange color. It's beautiful and lathers like a dream. :)

    2. Happy 4 Sad Shower Gel
    It's ingredients help encourage the name, it's to help you get through the darkest days of winter and keep you uplifted and happy. It smells like Citrus and neroli. :)

    3. Aura Suavis Bubble Bar
    It smells like sage and sapphire, and spices as well. It has a wonderful pink and yellow color, and produces tons of soft, bouncy bubbles, to keep your aura in balance. :)

  151. Next 3 Favorite -

    1. A Ring of Roses Soap
    It smells like roses, sexy jasmine and spices. it's one of the most expensive soaps and rightfully so. It has a beautiful pretty pink color and is so comforting as well. :)

    2. Chox Away Soap
    The only LUSH soap that has the scent of chocolate, I was DEVISTATED when they discontinued it. Chocolate is my secret love, and this soap captures the scent of it perfectly. :)

    3. Vanilla In The Mist Soap
    It smells very similar to Vanillary perfume and Vanilla Fountain bath bomb. It has a pretty golden color and it lathers very well and is softening to the skin. :)

  152. wiccy magic muscles- this really helps my sore muscles. i play soccer, so when after a really intense game, i take a shower and use this on my legs and hips and i personally likde the smell and i love the aduki beans, it really givesme a massage!
    therapy- this one i lovee because it has a knobby thing and i just adore the neroli, range, coca butter scent. i also like how it has helped with my strch marks. i can really see a difference and plus, it`s really theraputic!
    tuca tuca massage bar- all ican say is that i love massage bars and the smell(and name) of violets!

  153. Next 3 Favorite -

    1. Ice Hotel Bubble Bar
    It's actually designed after the actual Ice Hotel in Sweden which is made of actual ice, giant blocks of it, that is. It smells like mint and lavender and is my favorite bubble bar. :)

    2. Marzibain Bubble Bar
    It smells VERY similar to Snowcake, could you guess that's why I like it so much? It smells like Marzipan and Almond icing and pudding. It makes the bath a delicious white color and produces loads of bubbles. :)

    3. Psychodelic Bubble Bar
    It smells like sandalwood, cinnamon and citrus. It has three different colors: blue, yellow, and white, that come together perfectly. It's a very come-on-strong scent, very in-your-face. :)

  154. Next 3 Favorite -

    1. Fairy Jasmine Bath Bomb
    Jasmine is one of my favorite scents, so I hold this bomb very dear to my heart. It has a pretty, purple, periwinkle color, and is extremely soothing and relaxing. :)

    2. Geo Phyzz Bath Bomb
    It's a very sea-salty bath bomb. It has a wonderful green, brown, white, yellow color and is very uplifting and energetic. :)

    3. Twilight Bath Bomb
    It smells like sweet, creamy, vanilla lavender. There's no part about this bomb I don't like. It has a beautiful inside bomb that's green and takes over the water. The whole experience is extremely relaxing.

  155. Next 3 Favorite -

    1. Dragon's Egg Bath Bomb
    It smells like lemon and beautiful citrus and bergamont. It is white at first but has little balls of color that turn the bath different colors in little swirls. :)

    2. Fairy Tail Sugar Scrub
    It smells like Yummy Yummy Yummy, my favorite shower gel. It's adorable, it's the most adorable product LUSH has and needs to be purchased for such reasons. Please bring it back to the USA site! :)

    3. Sugar Babe Sugar Scrub
    It smells like vanilla and sweet sugar and candy. It works very well and is one of my favorite sugar scrubs that LUSH has to offer. :)

  156. Next 3 Favorite -

    1. Godiva Solid Shampoo Bar
    It smells like gorgeous jasmine and spices, it softens and cleanses my hair and has a beautiful golden color. :)

    2. Seanik Solid Shampoo Bar
    It smells like Ice Blue soap and Big Blue bath bomb. It works very well and I love the seaweed. It softens my hair and leaves it frsh. I also love the sharp blue color. :)

    3. Trichomania Solid Shampoo Bar
    It's so softening, one of the most softening shampoos I've ever used. It smells like sweet vanilla and coconuts and cleanses my hair very well. :)

  157. fever- this one really doesn give me fever. i just love rose, sexy scented things.
    soft coeur- honey i washed the kids in a massage bar, what more could you ask for?
    strawberry feels forever- i use this in the summer and this one isn`t all sticky like other super fruity moisturizers. this one is a keeper in my book!

  158. Next 3 Favorite-

    1. The Blonde Solid Shampoo
    It works on my blonde hair very well, it has softening materials in it and I love the golden color as well. :)

    2. Gentle Lentil Solid Shampoo
    It softens up my hair amazingly and it cleanses it very well too. I love the golden color as well. :)

    3. Squeaky Green Shampoo Bar
    I'm a vegan myself, so this shampoo bar is for me. I love the green color and it works so well on my hair. It's amazingly cleaning and softening. :)

  159. Is the contest over right now?
    & Good luck to you all :)

  160. heavanilli- this really is an amazing, strong organic vanilla fragrance. i love this!!
    mange too- i love this white chocolate, honey and bananas, its really delicious to taste and on my skin!
    business time- this is soo sexy!! its such a musky, rose, fennel scent, both sexes can use!
    shimmy shimmy- i use this on my eyelids, cuz i have dry patches there. i aslo use this smoetime as a base for make up, if i do a shimmery look, i is a great base and girly moisturizer!

  161. dream cream- this is super relaxing. i use this before i go to bed and it really helps me fall asleep. i also like the not oily but nice film on my hands.
    creme anglaise- this chocolatey, vanilla sexy thing!! love itt!!
    sympathy for the skin- the banana scent is really nice, espically in the summer, with strawberry feel forever!

  162. vanilla de-lite - this is actually a different scent then the regualt lush vanilla scents. this one is refreshing in a way. i really enjoy this one.
    karma cream- what can i say, it`s karma!
    charlotte island- this one is a nice coco,chocolate, fruity scent. really nice and summery! and a bonus that it give me a nice sunkissed glow!

  163. coco lotion- its cocnuty scented, my fave scent!!!
    charity pot- it gives me a nice sexy scent and moistuizer and i give back to the world! everone`s happy!
    helping hands- its smells like cookies and has a pretty pink colour!!!woot woot!

  164. handy gurugu- hah smells so nice and my dog always wants to lick my hand!lol
    smitten- the smell of snowcake, just smexyy
    lemony flutter- helps my cuticles and smells of lemons, sexy sweet!!


  166. You did 5 more entries for nothing. :|

  167. volcano foot mask- this is a great foot mask. espically in the winter. it`s super cinamony, wihc i lovee.
    fair trade foot lotion- this thing is minty and is pinky, it`s friggin amazing, i love this stuff.
    pied de pepper foot lotion - this is really tingley and is spicy, guys and gals can use it, that why i like it so much!

  168. ohh thanks you sooo mush derpsicle :/

  169. How does that make me a Derpsicle. o-o

  170. Hi first of all thanks for this amazing giveaway =)

    I love Twilight bath bomb, just because its purple and i like the design on it, its awesome.

    I also looveeee honey i washed the kids just because lush is so creative with their products that they did they honeycumb design its so cool besides i like sweet scents before i go to bed lol.

    and cindeeers are my all time favorites because of what they do when they jump into the shower with u yaaay its like a festival hahaha.

  171. Hey! I tagged you for the Stylish Blogger Award

  172. Honey Hugs Shower Gel - Smells awesome and the name is adorable!
    Cupcake Fresh Face Mask - <3 iT!!!! Smells like chocolate!
    Glogg Shower Gel - Great for mornings!

  173. My favorite is Fresh Farmacy because it helps my acne-prone skin. [:

  174. My 3 all time faves:

    Dragons Egg Bath Bomb- i like this one because it has a HUGE ball of glitter and little circles of pretty colors which all happen to be my favorite colors! It also smells like citrus. I live in Arizona, so i have no citrus smells at all! It's size is huge so I only need one per bath.

    Ultimate Shine Solid Shampoo Bar: This one has a very natural smell to it. I personally really like it! It actually makes my hair softer as well as shiny! It makes a surprisingly great lather and its white color wont do anything o my hair.

    Buffy (Buffy the Backside Slayer): This is Lush's most popular body butter! It smells... like lavender. It is also REALLY exfoliating! It makes my sking so soft, im not even kidding! In school i ask everyone to feel my arms because they're so smooth! And i dont even shave my arms:D