Sunday, December 5, 2010

100 Subbie Giveaway!! (OPEN)

Hello everyone!! :) 

So I've reached 100 Subbies!! And for a special treat, I thought I would do TWO winners!!
ONE from the Video responses from the contest video
ONE from my blog!!! :)

That way, everyone is happy!! :)

So here are the RULES for BLOG ENTRIES:

1.) Must be FOLLOWING my blog!!

2.) In a comment for this post, tell me what your top 3 favorite Lush products are AND WHY!!

3.) You can enter as many times as you want AS LONG AS they are DIFFERENT reasons every time!!

4.) This blog giveaway will be open until MIDNIGHT on Thursday, December 30th, 2010!

5.) This blog giveaway is open to the world!!

Each winner will be picking:

1 Bubble bar: 
-Dorothy (left) a WONDERFUL herbal (figs & leaves scent) bubble bar!! The color of the water is a gorgeous vibrant blue!!

 -The Bearded Lady (right) an adorable bubble bar!! Made with fresh bananas, tiny pieces of King of Skin (very moisturizing!) and has a slight orange scent too!

1 Shower Jelly:
-Calacas (left) a grape-lime scented shower jelly!! Smells like jelly babies and also has a lovely scent close to candy or life savers!!
-Iced Wine (right) a divine fruity smelling shower jelly!! (limited edition!! Only for the 2010 Christmas line) it has a gorgeous deep wine color!! And smells sugary sweet!

1 Small bath bomb:
-So White (left) a beautiful white bath bomb that has the scent of fresh granny smith apples!! Yummy!!

-Cinders (right) a gorgeous bright orange spicy sweet bath bomb!! This little bath bombs delivers!! It even has pop rocks that lives up to it's name (cinders) it smells like a spicy gingerbread latte!!

1 Large bath bomb:
-Calavera (left) a beautifully crafted bath bomb!! This was a limited edition item! (Only for the Halloween line) it smells JUST like the calacas shower jelly!! It's lime & grape scented!! Also there is a beautiful range of colors it adds to your bath!!

-Fizzbanger (right) this lovely little firecracker is always a crowd pleaser!! It smells just like cinnamon and apples!! It's a slow fizzer, because of the bubble bar shavings in the outer yellow layer!! It's so fun to watch dissolve in your tub!! Also, if you watch closely, there's a surprise in the middle!! BANG!!

1 Soap:
-Rockstar soap (both) this wonderful candy fluff smelling soap is so creamy with a rich lather, it will have you begging for more!!

Have fun with this contest and get creative!! :)