Saturday, November 6, 2010

My Very FIRST Video!! :)

Hello everyone! :) I just finished uploading my very first LUSH video! :)
I have a few of the Lush Christmas 2010 Products featured in it! :)

Here are the products mentioned:
-So White Bath Bomb
-Lil' Lush Pud Bath Bomb
-Cinders Bath Bomb
-Magic Bath Bomb
-Satsumo Santa Bath Bomb
-Candy Cane Bubble Bar Bath Bomb
-Bearded Lady Bubble Bar
-Christmas Eve Bubble Bar
-Snowglobe Soap
-Snowcake Soap

Here are pictures & a short description of each product!! :) Enjoy!

This is So White! :) One of the YUMMIEST SMELLING BATH BOMBS! :) It smells like FRESH granny smith apples! Inspired by Snow White, it's pure white! :) It leaves a frothy top to your bath just like snow! :)

This is Lil' Lush Pud! It smells JUST like smitten hand cream & SNOWCAKE!! :) It has a smell like marzipan and vanilla mixed into one yummy scent! I love the

This is Cinders! A spicy scented bath bomb! :) It smells like a mixture of butterball (vanilla scent) and spiced cinnamon! I love the smell of this one! :) it also has tiny red candies that will crackle in your bath! CUTE! cute sugar holly on the top!

This is the Magic bath bomb! :) it's a tad minty and has the smell of world peace. (it's a retro item!)
Don't forget that gorgeous blue color! :)

This is satsumo santa! :) a big beautiful red and white bath bomb! It smells like all things citrus! :) a sweet smelling citrus though! It turns the bath water a jolly red color!

This is Candy Cane bubble bar! :) smells JUST LIKE candy fluff :) a sweet pink smelling bubble bar! :)

This is the bearded lady! :) it's a lovely fresh banana smelling bubble bar! A very moisturizing bubble bar too, there are small flecks of King of Skin (a body butter) in the beard! :)

This is the Christmas Eve Bubble bar!
Smells like Dorothy's herbal sister!

 Next is SnowGlobe! :) it smells JUST LIKE lemony flutter cuticle butter! :) mmm
 Finally, there is Snowcake a marzipan scented soap! VERY creamy & moisturizing! :)


  1. AHHHHH LUSH HOLIDAY STUFF !!! my favorite favorite favorite!! i love so white, lil lush pud and cinders. and the christmas eve bb ... OMG SO AMAZINGGGGGGGGGG

  2. I'm so drooling over all the bath stuff you got XD Love seeing all the stuff up close and reading the description of it :) Need to go to a LUSH store to sniff, lol!


    1. CINDERSS -THE Scent It smells like yummy cinamon :))
    2. SO WHITE -FEEELS SOO SILKYYY! I tried it in my tub and when i got in oh mann my skin felt soft when i came out.
    3. SATSUMO SANTA -I LOVE THE COLOR ! <3 <3 ITS UH MAZINGG the color is soooo pretty its a beautifuL RED