Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Mini Lush Haul! :)

Hey everyone!! :) Soooo--
I did my first little Lush Haul today :)
 Even though it wasn't all that much, I had fun :)
Tomorrow will be THE HAUL to watch though!! :) stay tuned!!
Also, a surprise to kick off my new channel too? ;) we'll see!

 Here are the products mentioned:
 This is the Happy blooming bath melt!
Smells to me like Cherry Chapstick with a
slight "plasticy" scent, but a great bath melt!
So white bath bomb!! :) a slow fizzing,
fresh granny smith apple smelling bath bomb!!
Yum!! :)
 Cinders bath bomb! Has a spicy//sweet smell
to it! :) reminds me of cinnamon/allspice mixed
with a slight hint of butterball!! Tasty!! :)
 Vanilla fountain bath bomb! The smell reminds
me of toffee && sweet vanilla cake!! :) Yummy!!
It's almost good enough to eat?!
 Calavera (limited edition) Halloween bath bomb.
New for the Halloween 2010 line :)
Smells like jelly beans, candy, and life saver gummies
 Space girl!! Even though this smelled like Rock star
soap (since it WAS sitting next to a huge chunk in
the Out of this world gift set, it should smell like
sweet berries)
 The tag for the out of this world gift set :)
And what's included :)

If you'd like to see the video, simply check the left hand side of my blog!! :) It directly links you to it!!

Have a great day everyone!!
Insomnia hits again--which is why I pumped out two videos tonight instead of just one :P


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  1. I really want to try out the snow white bath bomb, I love the smell of apples! Awesome haul once again girl :)